The Hybrid War Against Serb-Russian approachment in Alternative Media


On November 21st, a report appeared on the site of the Bulgarian journalist Dilyana Gaytandzieva HERE that spoke about an alleged trafficking of Serbian arms to Ukraine to be “used against Donbas”.
We shall examine the evidence the report provided, show that they are fake, and then we will  show how the timing, the inflamatory language and the focus of the text indicate the hybrid war technique (more on hybrid wars HERE).
In conclusion, the interpretation  and assumptions about the possible nefarious intentions behind this fake news will be left to our readers for each to reach their  own conclusions.

Fake evidence 1.: The journalist Dilyana presents us with the social media evidence, a Twitter account “Zoka” that  claims that the Russian channel ”Zvezda” exposed Serbian shells used against Donbas. That is a pure lie because the same report the official representative of the Donetsk People’s Militia, Oleg Nikitin, says something completely different: “” This is a 60 millimetre mine. They are produced in NATO countries, including Croatia and Macedonia. “  NOWHERE did he mention Serbia at all. You can check out what he is saying HERE, there is a video recording and the transcript.

Fake evidence 2. The picture of a green mine with yellow letters that indicate the origin of the mine is planted. It does not appears anywhere in that Russian channel ”Zvezda” report. Go to the site again and see for yourself.

So who is operating that account “Zoka” and why is his/her claims (which are false) presented as evidence without any attempted verification?

This is enough to show that this report reports on fake news, but there is more.

False evidence 3. The ArmsWatch site presents us with the four close up pictures of the green shell, two of which that show letters indicating origin of production. The source of the photographs, the caption states  “Photos DNR Ministry of Defense, on November 9, 2019” without any link or link to the source.

However, nowhere, not on any site from Donetsk or related to Novorossiya can these photographs cannot be found. They do not exist! Please, try to find them yourself on any official (or even unofficial!) Donetsk Republic internet page, and if you can try to clarify: Who actually made these photos? Where and when did they get them?

More unsupported claims: “This is not the first documented case of alleged Serbian mortar shells being fired by the Ukrainian Army.”

It is documented? Where? When? By whom? Source, link? Yet, the report gives nothing.

Timing: Although “Zoka” contacted  Dilyana Gaytandzieva on October 8th about the shells, but she only reports it on November 21st in synchronized campaign with out western backed opposition media in Serbia. This comes a day after the very target of Bulgarian journalist attention Stefanovic was in Moscow and “Serbia’s Deputy Prime Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic said in Moscow on Wednesday he signed two agreements on security issues with the Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev, the Beta news agency reported.”

and after US threatened Serbia with sanctions if they purchase S-400.

“The internal corruption is the INTERAL matter of any given state and its people and not of any foreign journalists, unless they are a part of a foreign led regime change operation “

Dragan Todorović


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