A report from the Central Intelligence Agency /CIA/ in a part on self-declared Kossovo is aimed at giving legitimacy to the NATO aggression against Serbia and the illegal secession of the southern Serbian province and at supporting the formation of the Kossovo Army, says political analyst Dragomir Andjelkovic.

Andjelkovic has said that the report is a combination of truths and huge political and geopolitical spinning.

“If everything was a lie, the report would be immediately seen as such, but this way, they are combining lies and truths in order to be able to support their geopolitical ideas,” Andjelkovic told SRNA, commenting on a part of the report which says that “only 16,000 Serbs” were displaced from Kossovo “in retaliation for war conflicts,” while Albanians fled for “massacres and mass expulsions.”

He has said that the intention to give legitimacy to the NATO aggression and to show that NATO intervened in 1999 in order to save Albanians and prevent Serbs from committing crimes is obvious here.

“We know very well that NATO committed aggression against our country, that it seized a part of our territory, and that Albanians committed mass crimes of ethnic cleansing and killed several thousand Serbs both before and after the aggression. Hundreds of thousands of Serbs and non-Albanians were expelled from Kossovo, and not 16,000, and those people were expelled only because of their ethnicity, and not because they did something bad,” Andjelkovic said.

He stressed that one can see in the case of self-declared Kossovo that the CIA report is malicious, and pointed out that the report has an additional goal, to support the formation of the so-called Kossovo Army.

“The American policy has been the policy of aggression and international crimes, and CIA has been covering up this policy through its reports year by year. An additional function of the report is probably to help the formation of the Kossovo Army out of geopolitical reasons, since the goal is for Kossovo to join NATO. But even without this goal, they would nonetheless give legitimacy to the aggression against Serbia and illegal secession of Kossovo,” Andjelkovic has said.

The American Central Intelligence Agency /CIA/ in its report treats self-declared Kossovo as a country and says that during the 1990s war, 16,000 Serbs and 800,000 Albanians were displaced from Kossovo.

According to the data from the Serbian Commissariat for Refugees, 280,000 Serbs have been displaced from Kossovo to Serbia and Montenegro since 1999.

Displaced persons have returned in negligibly small numbers and the return process is aggravated due to the complexity of the situation in Kossovo. /end/sg



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